There will be absolutely no refund, you are not obliged to pay or join anything so if you do then you are responsible of it. You can always try to contact the or contact the certified account named "Admin" in the website, remember that no admin or moderator will never ask for your credit card or any personal informations except the one needed to solve an issue. There is a section made for seller in the website but if you buy something to someone then Tygerspace is not responsible for any type of problem, the business will be between you and the seller and we are not responsible if there is a problem with any product you buy here except if you buy a service like promotion or something like that. If you have a problem you have to send us all the evidence and explain clearly what is going on to have a good answer. We are strongly against the drugs, weapons sellers or buyers, so if you get reported you can loose you account and you IP may be black listed definately forever.