About TygerSpace
TygerSpace is a Social Networking Platform created in order to guarantee freedom of speech to all, With our new feature users can connect with people living all over the world.

TYGERSPACE is a Social media Network designed in order to preserve & guarantee the freedom of speech in the world wide web. Tygerspace is free, crypted, safe & secure, users can also pay in order to have some addionnal features such as more exposition and acess to some other hidden features. Tygerspace is also a copyrighted registered french brand / company created by me TRIGGER (Damien Kanthaiya) Why ? We are living in a world which more and more under surveillance and where people more and more silenced, everything seems to be controlled we can't say what we thnk without being judged, privacy and data are being used without the consent of people so we are at a point where we are in need of a free space a place which is not created to exploit people, we are in a situation where we are obliged to keep a place where everybody can express freely without getting banned, this is why I created this space, TYGERSPACE. What is the aim of TYGERSPACE ? I created TYGERSPACE in order to provide an open free space for the freedom of speech. A place new place where people can build healthy relationships & connect to people living all over the world. We are here all tied with the ideology of peace, equality & respect, contrary to the other plateforms, our social network is very flexible when it is about dark humour,parody & we give full support to grow artists and content creators. By joining us you will be sure to be safe. We respect all ethnic groups, all individuals regardless their political or religious views, we are not supporting any political movement or any dangerous movement. We are strongly against terrorism, racism, harassment and other forms of hostile behaviours. We have many projects in the future & one of them is to provide free education for poor people and protecting women & children in various countries, giving the voice to the unheard minoritied, the struggling talented individuals, making the world more and more connect but with a guarantee of privacy this why I created Tygerspace. If you are walking in the same path of freedom, if you can't stay silent in front of injustice then you are a comrade of mine and you can join us anytime, let's walk together in the path of a new revolution of minds, a new state of consciousness and a new world filled with peace, love, innovation & progress. Damien Kanthaiya (TRIGGER) CEO of Tygerspace.com